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Hello my Sunflower Room Clients! Welcome to the blog. I thought it would be good to start off this new feature of my online presence by talking about something I’ve recently started offering in my sessions! You’ve probably seen them in advertisements for spas and massage services because they’re pretty widely used – those smooth, black stones, you usually see placed along people’s backs in magazine spreads or on billboards? That’s what we’re talking about today. With the weather being so unpredictable, we need to take time to completely surrender our aching bodies, and rest our minds from our daily stress. I’ve found that using Hot Stones is one of the best ways to surrender the muscles and literally melt the stress from our bodies.

Many different types of stones can be used for hot stone therapy. Some therapists use Salt Stones or Lode Stones, or even Black Basalt Stones (which are a volcanic rock that gets sanded and rounded for smoothness). I personally have practiced with various types of stones to figure out what I feel works best – I found out that the Black Basalt Stones is absolutely the best stone for medical massage. These stones are heavy in your hands, but they are so, so smooth on my clients’ skin. They roll up and down the muscles with no uncomfortable pull or even gravitational weight that may be uncomfortable during the session. These Stones glide with no friction or pull, making their texture very relaxing even to the skin itself.

The texture of the stones isn’t the only beneficial facet of their use – the heat that comes from the stones is also therapeutic! The stones’ warmth sinks into the skin, loosening the muscle fascicles and releasing muscle contraction. This helps to ease tension and allows the muscles to completely release, which allows proper blood flow to be restored in the areas where they’re used. I heat the stones by completely submerging them into heated water – after 20 minutes the stones are perfectly ready to be used. (Between you and me, the water is heated in a crockpot! It keeps the stones warm throughout the day, meaning they can be used in multiple clients’ sessions without you having to wait.) The heat definitely varies based on the length of time the stones sit in the pot, but every client’s skin sensitivity is different. We will adjust the heat to match your comfort level during your session!

Usually, before I use hot stones in a session, I apply a warming gel lotion onto my clients’ skin. I’ve found that the combination of the warming gel and hot stone therapy creates a magical connection – clients muscle tension immediately releases. Using hot stones is also one of the best therapy plans for releasing emotional stress, mental exhaustion, physical aches or chronic illness, and can even help patients cope through PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or depression. During emotional grieving of the loss of loved ones, I will at times offer hot stone therapy to my clients, to allow them to open up and feel free to have an emotional release on the table. You’d be surprised how much emotion is held physically in the body.

Hot stone therapy is a simple but great addition to how you care for your body, and your mind! If you have any questions about this treatment, please feel free to comment below or even to give me a call! I would be glad to answer any of your questions about hot stone therapy, medical massage, or my offerings here at The Sunflower Room. Thank you for reading my blog and supporting me on my journey to help you heal! The next time you make an appointment, remember to ask about adding hot stone therapy to your session – you won’t be disappointed!

Until next time,