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Good day my fellow Sunflower followers! Today our weather is changing. As the cold weather lets up, our bodies are indeed going through another transition. If we’re lucky here soon, Mr. Groundhog will avoid his shadow to let us know that spring is on its way – but until then, we’re still stuck with in-between weather. One day I’m wearing a t-shirt, and the next I’m in my winter coat here in Dayton! And during this transition, our bodies may be trying to tell us something.

Our muscles are one of the most natural signs of our bodies dysfunction. If we have sore or aching muscles, what does that mean? Well, it is usually letting our minds cognitively know that something is out of line or that we over did it between work, family, and leisure.

I look at my own body’s language and some days it is a clear communication to say, “Alina, you have overworked yourself!” or, it may be telling me my body needs healthy rest from gym/work life. Do you have that clear communication with your body response system? Think about the day in and day out activities of your life. Where is your resting point? Is it laying at midnight, in bed and all awake with your mind running through the day of things accomplished? Or is it when at supper after a long day you just sit down and shut off distractions? Resting is absolutely necessary for our body to go back to a healthy, perfect flow.

One really effective way to give our bodies the rest they need, is through massage. And that rest is important. Just an hour once a week, or even once a month can make a huge difference. If you knew that was all it would take, could you set aside that time to spend on self-care?

I hear all the time from clients or even fellow friends, “I would love to book with you I just do not have the time.” And I completely understand – we’re all busy people! We all work, we have families, we have friends, and somehow we have to have time to sleep. My response though, is this: “You have the time for what your priority is, and this isn’t your priority right now. That’s ok, but when your body tells you it is a priority to make the time, I am here to schedule.”

Listen to your body cry for rest and relief. It’s the only body we get, and it carries us through so much – most of the time we don’t even think about how hard it’s working. We wake up, work hard 40 plus hours a week, parent our children, run countless errands and then when we finally sit down all of our energy catches up and we sit thinking, “Wow. I’m drained.”

So I encourage you today, think about what you have read and ask yourself – do I need to schedule just one hour of a getaway for myself? And when you honestly ask that question, be open with your self. It is so important, so healthy, and so mentally freeing to accept that sometimes you need time to recharge. I promise in your month, you can find one hour for that outlet of joy, calm, and relaxation.

Medical massage is healing for both the body and the mind – so make yourself a priority. Schedule an hour for a relaxing, calming, oasis in the middle of your busy week, and I promise to make your health a priority as well.

Until next time!

Alina T. Maury, L.M.T.