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What are your prices?
My appointments are priced as follows:

  • 45 minutes: $50
  • 60 minutes: $67
  • 90 minutes: $98

Payment is due at the time of service, but if you want to pay for your appointments ahead of time, that’s also perfectly fine!

Can I get my appointments covered by insurance?
This is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. I do not communicate directly with insurance companies on my clients’ behalf, but if you want to get your appointments covered, you can certainly reach out to them to determine what information they would need from me in order to reimburse your appointment related costs. I am also more than happy to provide you with a receipt, so that you have record of what you paid!
What can I expect from my appointment?
My clients can expect an easy pain free healing process from my sessions. If the problem is sore, worn out muscles or even muscle tears, then after the session you will feel looser and have the pain and tenderness lessened. As you are on the table, the muscle fascicles {knots} can be rather tender, or even have pain associated with pressure points, but with a calming deep touch I can break through the barriers of adhesion and create warm blood flow to the tender points. This releases the tension that builds up from life, and from stress!
I've never had a massage before - what should I anticipate?
During the massage session, definitely feel open and relaxed this is a place for rest and healing. When you arrive for your first appointment, I do have new patient paperwork that collects a detailed medical history as well as a body diagram that you can use to highlight the parts of your body that are causing pain, if that’s part of the reason you’re seeking massage therary. I also love to ask questions, and I strive to communicate clearly with my clients, that way I can create a treatment goal that I will share with you. I also give proper respect and space for every client – which includes allowing you to get undressed only to your comfort level. I will leave the studio room to give you time to get comfortable on the table, and then knock on the door and open only when client states they are ready for me to enter the room. I will do my best to allow my clients to experience natural healing, and I work on their muscles, using customized techniques for your specific case. Conversations can occur in the room but at all times those will be completely confined between me and that client. I do my best to always meet the needs of my clients, and will always work on what the client most needs. Payment is always collected after the massage has ended, and always is in the form of cash or check payment – if you need receipt, I can provide one. On site scheduling or online scheduling is also available, as well as through a phone call or a text.
Will I be sore after this massage session?
Soreness can follow sessions of massage, but only to the extent of a good workout at the gym. It should not be at the level of taking days off of work, or being unable to function for daily activities. Muscle soreness can occur, but you should experience significantly improved freedom of movement in the joints and tendons.  At the most, soreness should only last 2-3 days after the massage, definitely by the 4th day, the areas of your body that held all the tension should be much looser.
What have you been trained in?
I am continuously taking online CE {continued education} credit courses – I take one almost every other month. Additionally, I’m always extending my knowledge through hands on training. One of the latest techniques I’ve been trained in is Cupping – Cupping is a unique art that consists of a hand pump and suction cups that are gently pressed onto the inflamed muscles knot. The air is then pubped out, which causes blood and other fluids to rush into the tight muscles to loosen and broaden the muscle tension. Other techniques I’m specifically trained in include the use of warm stones in massage. I will incorporate these into sessions if the muscles are so tight, and even blocking the blood flow. The warm stones are applied onto the spinal column, and the smooth lode stones are used to rub into sore muscles. I also will use my arms and elbows into the deep tissues trigger points – these and many other techniques have been included in my specialized training. I have also been trained in prenatal massage techniques for every stage of pregnancy except for the first trimester, due to the high risk for miscarriage.
Are you licensed by the State of Ohio for your medical practice?
I am state licensed to practice in Ohio as of May, 2017. My license and board certificates and college diploma are both hanging on the walls in my studio room. They are hanging for ease of mind for any clients of proper education in this field of work. It is also mandatory in the State of Ohio to have them hanging in the studio for easy access. I follow all the guidelines and state mandatory codes and ethics. If there is any questions, always feel free to ask anything in regards of your safety or any other concerns. My studio is a place of proper sanctuary of health and healing.
What do you specialize in?
My specialty is anything related to neuromuscular therapy. In neuromuscular therapy, one of our key areas of focus and study is Myofascial Trigger Points. Trigger Points are microscopic spasms that form at the neuromuscular junctions, where the nervous system communicates with a muscle. In this process, the muscles can spasm or even cause pain due to impingement of the nerves. I work specifically to align the muscles and place them into the correct arrangement, allowing movement of the joints surrounding the tight muscles. This treatment consists of range of motion and other releasing muscle techniques like cupping.
What should I know about HIPPA?
Essentially, anything we discuss while your appointment is going on falls under HIPPA – which means that I cannot share that information with anyone. Personal information or confidential communication is key in the safety of my clients well being and is guarded by the HIPPA agreement.
If I bring my spouse or other family members is my privacy still held to high standards?
Yes, anything between you and me as your therapist is 100% confidential. HIPPA is absolutely followed in my practice by strict guidelines and boundaries. I will not communicate to your family or friends who have been referred by you or another mutual party. I keep a strict professional kind relationship to all of my clients. Personal information or confidential communication is key in the safety of my clients well being and is guarded by the HIPPA agreement.
Do you match your pricing through Groupon?
I will price match Groupon rates only if the client is in need of medical massage relief. If it is an appointment for a stress relief massage, or non-urgent need for my assistance then Groupon’s rates will not apply. My rates are very consistent – gift certificates are available, and clients who seek medical massage can even have their appointments reimbursed by insurance in many cases.
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